customartCustom comics, posters and art. Personalized art creations. Original comics and artwork on any subject. $99 base price for a color page/poster.
Covers, banners, graphic novels. 30 years making art and comics.

1. What will the art look like? Will it be a cartoon?
Hi. Your art will look like the art work above. Full color comic book art. Yes it is a full color cartoon. There are many styles of art and illustrations. You must consider if this style is best for you.

2. Will the cartoon look like me?
Yes, your comics will have a cartoon likeness if you desire. Your art will look similar to the art work above, Yes it is a full color cartoon.

3. How long will it take? Do you do rush jobs?
The comics take about 2 to 4 weeks to produce, depending upon the complexity. Rush jobs are possible but cost $100 a page more. Anything under 2 weeks is a rush job.

4. How do I order?
Contact me and tell me what you want. Once we accept your job we send you confirmation and detailed payment information. Starting at only $99 per page, we'll draw whatever kind of comic or illustration you want, whether it's for a gift, for your business, or just for yourself. You describe who is the subject and how you want them posed if it is a person, or what you want illustrated if it is a scene or a sequence of comic panels.

5. How does the production process work?
Once we receive your comic concept description, I'll contact you to set a price and provide you with a timetable for production. If you find this acceptable we process your payment, gather photos from you, and as soon as we receive your payment we'll start drawing your comic. We do a layout drawing first, which you approve, then we ink and color and provide the picture. If there is any mistake then we will correct it.

6. What information do you need from me?
You can give us as much or as little information as you want. Some folks send us a full script. Others just tell us roughly what they're looking for, and let us be creative! If you want someone you know drawn into the comic we'll want to see a few good photos, and a little bit about their personality.

7. Do you offer other styles of artwork?
Yes. We offer cartoon artwork and not photo realistic artwork. It costs considerably more for realistic photo like renderings. If you want art like this, it can be done but takes more time and is beyond the scope of this offer for $99 a page. We focus on the central figure or "hero" (or two) in the picture. If you want a lot more detail in the background or if this comic has more than oen or two people in it, then it will take more time which will raise the price.

8. How to you deliver the artwork?
The high resolution color files are emailed to you to download. It is cost effective to print the color pages yourself or take them to a local print shop. Mailing printed art is too expensive.

9. How many frames will fit on a page?
We will draw up to 5 simple panels per page, or a large single illustration. The panels all fit on a single page. Since multiple panels are smaller there is less detail that can be included (see the Sunday comic strips to see what we mean).

10. What if I want a printed book?
Books are composed of multiple pages, so you must first have a story that requires many pages. Second, the number of pages will be have two costs: the cost of artwork by us, and then the cost of printing by a printer. Also, since this is multiple pages, the whole work will take longer and can stretch to months in total length of time to produce the artwork.

11. What if I want a poster-size print?
Getting posters printed and shipped is a few clicks away! Just go to our PRODUCTS PAGE, choose your product and select the size poster you want!

12. What is the deal with rights?
Each custom comic book comes with the full, nonexclusive rights to do whatever you want with it, even if you make a million dollars off of it. You can make copies, post it online, sell it to a major publisher, whatever you like. We reserve the right to use the comic in our portfolios to show off as an example of our work, but we will never sell your art to someone else. If you're interested in exclusive rights that prevent us from ever using it ourselves, just ask! No need to worry if we're working with your scripts or original characters, we make no claim to them!

13. Do I get to approve each stage of the process? IMPORTANT:
The production process of custom comics is set up to get work done quickly. This means that writing, penciling, and inking are done all in one round of work. We will make certain that the comic is of high quality, and fits all of the parameters we discussed prior to starting work. The finished product is sent "as-is". If there is a mistake, or a spelling error, we will make quick fixes, but if you want changes to the comic that will require redrawing or adding more details or characters, then we will have to negotiate a fair fee to do the extra work.

14. Color custom comics and comic books. Your story in pictures and words!
"Your satisfaction is our goal. I make custom comic books. I pride myself in going the extra mile for my valued clients. Let us make a comic for you! We love making art and comics and want to produce the best art possible for you. Feel free to write and ask questions. We can talk by phone anytime! Don't be shy. Please call and ask questions. Have a wonderful day!"
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Custom comic books and custom comic book pages and art. Did you ever dream of having your own custom comic book for yourself or a loved one? Turn your children or husband or friends into super heroes, movie stars, role playing characters such as Wonder Woman, Superman, rock stars and more. Want to appear in your favorite video game or TV show, as your favorite character? We can do that too! The sky's the limit on your imagination. We can create unique one of a kind characters that look and act like your loved ones! Stun your family with a beautiful comic book all about THEM! We produce full color comics and artwork. Wedding invitations, posters, event displays, greeting cards, anniversary presents, event posters, kid's parties, theme parties, office events, promotional campaigns, are just some of the things you can do with custom comic book art. Complete and original. So lets get down to it. ASK QUESTIONS HERE


A comic about your family, kids, pet, friends, events, play, sorority, you dream it up..we can draw it.
I also draw banners, posters, greeting cards, playbills, story boards, animated characters, portraits and architectural renderings.

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